Saturday, February 21, 2009

HERMES ---sketch


this is a quick sketch just to introduce you my new friend Cinthia!

Cinthia say hello! *hello* (oops sorry,I forgot to take my pills...duh)

Cinthia is my new toy I used to do that image!
it's a Wacom Cintiq 21UX...and SHE'S AMAZING!!!

that's it...enjoy my new friend!



PS: a special thanks to cinthia's dad.


Fabian said...

WwwOooAA!! Very beautiful work to introduce your new friend Wacom Cintiq 21UX Cinthia!! I really would love a Cintiq, hope to get one next year, but i know that by the time i get it there will be a new tablet or something new,. Its like when i finally got my nintendo there was already super nintendo, or the 64, can´t remember.

imp.bianco said...

Ma Hermes non era un maschio? XD


Sara Pichelli said...

@fabian: hehehe I know!!! for me it was the same with nintendo...sigh technology runs faster than with it!

@imp.bianco: uhm...perché ho disegnato una donna?ops abitudine! hehehhe

Quini said...

q guapo te quedo el dibujo de hermes, pero hermes era un chico, no una chica, supongo q te has tomado tus libertades artisticas, jejejeje

Luciano Acampora said...

sempre e x sempre BRAvaaaaaaaah !!

E_Bone said...

Tranquilla potrebbe essere il figlio di hermes...ermafrodito ;)
Comunque bellissimo come al solito e bellissima pure la cintiq!