Friday, February 20, 2009

it's up to you NEW YORK NEW YORK!

I'm back guys!
back from the big first time in USA,first time in NEW YORK and first time in NYCC...
it was AMAZING!
i wanna thank all people I met there,all the guys of Marvel and all the artists I met at the convention...THANK YOU I had a great time with you...

take care,and hope to see you all soon!


PS: it's me in the pic,not papa smurf!!!


imp.bianco said...

Hai incontrato qualcuno dei personaggi di Nyx? :P


Sara Pichelli said...

hehehee li ho mancati!

Sara Pichelli said...
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PEDRO NUĂ‘EZ said...

mmh lavori con la marbel Sara?
:) love NYC too