Monday, August 31, 2009

- phoenix -


matitaimpazzita said...

sei molto brava e il tuo stile mi piace davvero molto!

mi farebbe piacere accogliere un'artista come te nel mio blog e sapere che ne pensi dei miei lavori ;)

Anonymous said...

I visit your blog every so often and it's absolutely WONDERFUL when you post new images.

But these days, you have really taken your work to the next stage/level. You are SO much more sophisticated and adventurous with your lines and technique, and I am happy to see you are trying new things outside of your influences. You are really a great encouragement and inspiration to me.

Great job and I'm excited to see that you're posting more consistently! Thanks!

imp.bianco said...

Al Romics o a Lucca voglio un tuo disegno. Ti pagherò in chipster come feci con un altro mio amico disegnatore XD