Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Hi guys...

I know...I usually don't travel the world attending in every convention around the world like many collegues of mine do...and I apologize for that,coz I really want to have the chance to meet you folk,from every part of the world! The last 2 years were insanely busy,and unfortunately full of sad things...and handling deadlines were the only thing I barely did.
I promise I will try to be around at the next cons!I owe it to you guys!
Since I',m not full of shit :)I'm pleased to announce that tomorrow I will start my tour in Germany , with my boyfriend David Messina,we will be guests of german Panini!

Here's the calendar:

28.4.-1.5. FedCon in Düsseldorf

3.5. signing in Hannover 4pm to 6pm

4.5. signing in Frankfurt 4pm to 6pm

5.5. signing in Koblenz 4pm to 6pm

7.5. & 8.5. RPC in Köln

hope to see some of you around then!

The image is one of the con sketches I did during Mantova Comics some months ago,so if you want a sketch roll up!




Lux said...

Grandissimi tutti e due, ma soprattutto mi fà piacere che ti muovi così verso i tuoi fan, e esci dal buco!! ^_^
Allora Buon Viaggio e Buon Divertimento e ci vediamo quando tornate nella grande Capitale!


Hi Sara,I discovered your work recently and I must say I really love your drawings,specially those that have a dark mode,really beautiful.I'm illustrator too,of horror specially,feel free to visit my gallery on deviantart:

(invitation on your facebook is sent too)
Regards for being so good artist,really.
Pilar Martin.

Antonio Bifulco said...

Ciao Eagle Award winner... ecco dopo qualche complimento gratuito troverai meno irritante che mi ti pubblicizzo il mio blog (si lo so non era necessario... ma lo sai... alle 3 di notte trovi necessario fare un sacco di cose).

Mathieu Reynès said...

I hadn't bought super heroes comic bocks for ages but I've stunned by your work on an Ultilate Spiderman and couldn't resist.
Great line !

Tzub said...

sei grandissima Sara!!!