Wednesday, July 27, 2011

eMMA_30 minutes color sketch

I know...this blog is too silent lately,but sometime work can swallow you up!
I've so many emails to reply to and many pics and sketches I did in past conventions to post here!
Please forgive me if I disappear to often but I'm working hard to give you the best ultimate Spidey you've ever seen! at least I'm trying :)
Here's a quick color sketch I did to get out of the rut!
I'm just exploring...enjoy this Emma...

Take care,



Mattia Genini said...

bellissimo! molto espressivo e la texture ci sta benissimo...complimenti, in mezz'ora poi :)

cooksappe said...


John 'Roc' Upchurch said...

Sara, that is beautiful!

Lux said...

come passa veloce il tempo!BELLO!

Lux said...

Grandissima Sara, splendida Biancaneve!!!! *___^

peterparker70 said...

In bocca al lupo !

sono contento per i tuoi sogni realizzati.


raozuzu said...

Well... that's awesome!
Davvero brava, i miei complimenti non basterebbero a rendere giustizia ai tuoi lavori.
Un saluto. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for destroying much beloved Peter Parker in order to kiss the rear end of diversity. Thanks for nothing assh*t.

Anonymous said...

Hola Sara

Sos un bonbon y dibujas como los dioses.
Te admiro.


Ɓukasz Mazur said...