Monday, August 08, 2011


Finally the new Ultimate Spider-Man has been revealed!
Here's some interviews,articles,tv shows and whatever happened these weeks,just for who missed them...

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Jack Fisher said...

I'm sorry, but as a former Ultimate fan and lifelong Marvel fan I can't really take this seriously. There's gimmicks and there's stunts and there's this. I've seen your interviews. You're obviously very passionate about what you're doing, but I get the feeling that you're letting your passion blind you to reality. Miles Morales IS a gimmick. He IS a stunt. He has to be because he's replacing Spider-Man. He's not carrying on his legacy like a Green Lantern. He's not complimenting Spider-Man like an X-23 or Daken. He's REPLACING Peter Parker. And not in a very constructive way either. His whole life is basically forced into the Ultimate universe. He didn't know Peter at all before Death of Spider-Man. Where's the progression? Where's the mystery? Where's the story? It HAS to be pulled out of thin air and that's a problem. Marvel has too many smart people to do something that underhanded. I write fanfiction and even I know that's a poor way to develop a story.

I'm sorry, but you can spin this any way you want. It is a gimmick. And by making Miles a minority, you're making it so people can't criticize him without being racist. That's just deeply dishonest and incredibly condescending.

Have you read Ultimate? Did you read Ultimatum? Do you have any idea how much fans hated that story and how much fans hate seeing their favorite characters get slaughtered only to be replaced? If you're going to kill a character, why replace them in the first place? It's completely asinine and insulting to fans.

I can appreciate and understand your passion, but I would encourage you to take a step back and look at what Marvel is doing. Is it really justified? With great power comes great responsibility and the way you're handling Peter Parker and Miles Morales is very irresponsible.


Scott said...

I'm super excited. I've been reading Ultimate Spider-Man since day one and I love this twist in the Spider-Road. I really can't wait to see what you guys are cooking up.

Beautiful art, by the way!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to discover this new character !
I saw your pages and your research about Miles , and your style is just Great!! Keep it up ;)

j_ay said...

Um, Jack? Ultimate Spider-Man is a "gimmick".
It only last so long because it caught on.
Some might say unfortunately.

Have you even vaguely paid attention to the ridiculous happening over the last few years (most notoriously during JMS’ run) in Amazing Spider-Man?
Or seen the way characters, costumes, stories and histories as abused, disregarded, ruined and pissed on in the Hollywood versions of these characters?

Before preaching to a freelance artist, "take a step back" yourself; it’s a bloody comic book.

JS said...

Yeah, dude, Jack: Sarah isn't doing anything other than contributing beautiful art. If you're dissatisfied with the book, she's not the one to complain to.

She doesn't write the stories or make the big decisions; she does the art. If you want to complain, why not harass Bendis; or better yet, why not do as Sarah advises, and just chill out. It's a comic; sometimes comics get pushed through quick and major shifts in format and story to suit the big ideas of those in charge. I for one am excited to see what Bendis does with this new Spidey---if anyone can invest him with a personality, Brian can.

And Sarah, I'm totally stoked that you've got top billing as the penciler on this book. Your stuff is just amazing.

Frau Arient said...

Complimenti Sara! Ho letto la tua intervista pubblicata sull'unità, sinceramente mi sembra tra le migliori analisi della situazione culturale in italia, veramente demoralizzante... Leggere quello che si scrive sui giornali e i commenti su social network vari è imbarazzante.. A me l'idea piace molto! Tantopiù che non vedo il contrasto, lo spiderman 'blatino' un'ipotesi alternativa, un 'metti che', e sinceramente una formulazione dal mio punto di vista molto più interessante della figura del supereroe. Creare un personaggio nuovo in toto lo avrebbe davvero relegato al ruolo del supereroe blatino, che sia uno spiderman forse gli da la possibilità, come dici tu, di diventare un giorno uno spiderman, punto. E me lo auguro tantissimo, almeno negli stati uniti. Soprattutto tantissimi complimenti per i disegni, sono fantastici!
Ho una domanda: tu come artista di origine straniera come ti trovi negli stati uniti? sarà banale, ma come è la vita nel tuo ambiente negli usa?

Ross Burt said...

HEY - FIRST UP, WELL DONE ON A TOTALLY SWEET GIG! Drawing Ultimate Spidey, that is the good times!

Second - awesome pencils, looking forewards to the book. Like the idea of mixing things up a bit, plus the kid looks a little younger and more vulnerable which could be interesting. Can't wait and Good Luck!