Friday, September 16, 2011


Here's the video:

Today is a quicker drawing...a sketch of a healthy Hellboy ;)
enjoy it.




fulvio said...

Una figata !

DisposablePal said...

that's amazing! also, i love the new Spidey!

Anonymous said...

Hello Sara! Thank you for sharing :) If I may ask: why not correcting the first lines instead of making them blue and redraw over? Is the reason more creative or technical?

Eric J Meister said...

I love your work, gestures, compositions, use of black and white, line quality... great stuff!

Spidey has always been my fav and you are a great fit for that book. I don't care where the story goes with Miles, if you're still doing the art I'll continue following it.

(Though not to knock the story.)

Thanks for the inspiration! Hope you keep at the blog too, awesome stuff.


Logan said...

Beautiful, great take on Hellboy. I greatly adore your work, and when I found out you were the one to continue the spidey stories I was more than pleasantly surprised! You work are

Anonymous said...

so glad i found your blog love to see a goon peice done by you

Michal Lisowski said...

wow! share me ypour brushset! :)

francesco dossena said...