Thursday, May 27, 2010

ON THE ROAd pt.2

...Sarò anche qui! a disegnare per voi e a diffondere tutti i miei bacilli virulenti di raffeddore!vi aspetto!muahaha


Gente,ecco i dettagli della prossima tappa vi basta sapere dove:nuova libreria ...ARCADIA a Bergamo,quando:Venerdì 28 maggio 2010 dalle 16.00 alle 19.30... e chi: io e lui
per il resto ci pensiamo noi,abbiamo carta,matite e pennelli!
passateci a trovare!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

COVERs's some covers I did for Marvel Her-oes...and some unpublished versions too...

this is the version "too sexy" that has never been published...too bad I prefered that one! ^_^

these are 2 samples of 4 I had to draw to reach the right position of the young Namora 'coz I kept drawing her too sexy for her real sometimes I wonder if I'm a sexually deviate! ^_^

Friday, May 21, 2010


ci si vede domani gente!
mi raccomando vi aspetto tutti alla fumetteria FANTASY COMICS in via Marzabotto 16/d c/o centro commerciale P.E.E.P San Giovanni in Persiceto (BOLOGNA)...
con me ci sarà anche il dottor David Messina...
quindi se vi va noi siamo là a fare non vi va...è sbagliato!

Stay Tuned!

Soon you will see more art of mine for two Marvel books...

These are two small previews of both of them...


This is an interview I did for Pino Cuozzo and his "CUP" ...
please give a look here!
and this is the piece I did for him!

some con-sketch...

yes I worked as assistant of David Messina on Star Trek in the past and many Trekker wanted me to join their convention in Bonn...I'm not very good with likeness but I tried my best to draw Star Trek characters...I drew a lot of Worf too...but like you can see there's not pics of him,you can tell why...then with big surprise I found some of non-star trek fans who wanted me to draw something else ...THANK GOD ^_^
enjoy it!